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Risk Management and Care of Collectibles

Properly caring for collectibles can help to reduce the risk of loss or damage and increase the collection’s value. The following resources from AXA XL provide a wealth of information regarding the proper care of valuable collections.

These materials are provided for information purposes only. The information contained therein is not intended to replace the advice of a conservator.

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  • Prevention

    Precautionary steps to protect possessions against fire, water and burglary.

  • Collection Management Checklist

    Essential first steps for collection management.

  • Collection Loan Agreements

    An insurer's perspective on mitigating risk when loaning works from a collection.

  • Before Disaster Strikes

    Guide and checklist to prepare collections for hurricanes and severe weather.

  • Caring for Sports Memorabilia

    Sports memorabilia collection management, storage, display and authentication.

  • Caring for Wine Collections

    Storage, handling and shipping tips for wine collections.

  • Caring for Glass Collections

    Proper display, handling and maintenance of glass collections.

  • Caring for Coin Collections

    Storage, handling, valuation and insurance of coin collections.

  • Caring for Antique Carpets

    Care, cleaning, storage and restoration of antique carpets.