Sports Memorabilia Insurance

Collectors are passionate about the objects of their interest such as trading cards, game-worn jerseys, autographed balls, or signed photographs. But while serious collectors focus on their inventory, many overlook the need to purchase sports memorabilia insurance to protect these valuable items.

Is your collection important to you? Do you take pride in the effort you've put into selecting and caring for your sports memorabilia collection? Would you be upset if your collection was suddenly destroyed? And if a severe storm, fire, burglary, or other event resulted in the loss of your sports memorabilia collection, would you lose a significant financial investment? For these and many other reasons, collectors like you need sports memorabilia insurance.

Sports Memorabilia Collection Insurance

Given the amount of money and effort you have spent to build your sports memorabilia collection, it makes sense to seek out an insurance policy that is designed to protect these items. Purchasing a separate insurance policy offers many benefits over insuring collectibles with your homeowner insurance policy.

Collectibles Insurance Policy vs. Traditional Homeowner Policy

Sports Collectibles Insurance

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance benefits include:

What types of losses are covered?
MiniCo provides coverage for losses due to accidental breakage, fire, lightning, water damage, mysterious disappearance, loss in transit, and burglary. Additional coverages are included for specific collectible classes.

How much coverage should I purchase?
The amount of coverage purchased is selected by the policyholder and may be based on the value of the collection. The value is the current collectible amount or purchase price of the collectibles items to be insured based on original receipts, appraisals, or recent auction sales of the item.

How do I get a quote?
MiniCo's online portal is a fast and convenient way to get a collectibles insurance quote. The application takes about 5 minutes (or less) to complete. It will help if you have the following information on hand.

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